Here are some answers to our most asked questions. If you have more questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Why doggy daycare?

Dogs are social animals,  your dog can develop their social skills, learn safe play and basic obedience at daycare. Daycare creates a routine for you dog and can help with anxiety, energy, accidents in the house, and offers exercise and stimulation

How many dogs do you take each day?

We can have a max of 50 dogs on premise at one time, however, we typically range from 30-35 dogs a day.  We have one staff member for ever 15 dogs and provide three play areas. Our 2 large groups consist of 25-30 dogs with 2-4 attendants and our small group consists of 2-15 dogs with 1 attendant. 

How do you handle medical emergencies?

If an emergency ever arises we will contact you as well as your regular vet, if we cannot get into your regular vet we will use our two local vets, East Hants Animal Hospital and Elmsdale Animal Hospital, or the local Metro Animal Emergency Clinic

What is your approach to correct behavior?

Our staff is trained in Knowing Dogs 101 and 201 a Behavior and body language course. We will teach your dog gate manners, for example, sitting and waiting their turn to go through the door. We also teach appropriate play to your pup, we reinforce appropriate play with petting and verbal encouragement and interrupt negative play with body blocking, water, give breaks, or simply recalling the dog to us. We also work closely with Ryan at Max Potential Dog Training and consult him on any behavior issues we feel can be worked on at daycare and at home.

Are the large and small dogs separated?

We have 3 designated play areas in our facility. We make our groups based on play style, breed, and age rather than size. However, if requested or your small dog is not fond of bigger dogs or vise versa, we will and do separate by size.