Doggy Daycare

Our goal: keep­ing dogs stim­u­lated and happy all day. We’re big fans of indoor and outdoor play, exer­cise, men­tal stim­u­la­tion, social­iza­tion and rest, all of which are vital to the well-being of your pet. In addition, we pride ourselves on getting to know each and every one of our dogs and helping them become properly socialized for our community

Paw-some Adventures takes pride in our specially trained staff who have safety as a top priority at all times.

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We have prices for full days (ie. full 8-hour work day) and half day (pickup or drop-off at lunch). We also offer discounts on daycare for two dogs:

One dog:

Half Day $17.50

Full day $27.50

10 Half Day Passes $140.00

10 Day Passes $220.00

20 Half Day Passes $280.00

20 Day Passes $440.00

Two dogs:

Half Day $29.70

Full day $46.70

10 Half Day Passes $193.05

10 Day Passes $303.55

20 Half Day Passes $386.10

20 Day Passes $607.10

Multiple-day passes do not have to be used consecutively and do not expire.
Two-dog rates apply to dogs registered under the same address only.


We believe that training is an integral part of a happy and healthy relationship with your dog.


Ainsley Stapleton, one of our daycare attendants, is an AAC Junior Agility Handler.  She is the owner of Universal Canine Dog Training and holds agility foundations and level 1 classes periodically held in our facility and at the Nine Mile River Community Hall

We also work with Cathie at Abbyleighs Animal Training Solutions. Cathie(CPDT-KA) is a professional dog trainer. She holds classes for reactive dogs, basic obedience, puppy classes, and offers one on one. Classes are periodically held at our facility and around the corridor area of East Hants.

MAX Potential Dog Training offers a variety of programs for pets of any behaviour level. Talk to us today about enrolling your dog in obedience classes!