Introducing Paw-some Grooming!

We as a professional grooming facility, will pamper your dog and care for them like our own. We have the skills and knowledge to handle any type of breed and any size. We strive to make your dog feel and look great! Our dogs are like our kids and they deserve the excellent treatment given at our facility

Basic Bath (Bath/Dry/Nails/Ears)

  • Small(Up to 20lbs)    $35.00+
  • Medium(20-60lbs)    $45.00+
  • Large(Over 60lbs)     $55.00+                                                                             (Prices vary on coat condition and behavior)

Full Groom (Trim/Shave/Bath/Dry/Nails/Ears)

  • Small(0-20lbs)            $45.00+
  • Medium(20-60lbs)      $65.00+
  • Large(60lbs)              $85.00+
  • Extra Large(100lbs+)  $105.00+

(Prices vary on coat condition and behavior)

ADD ON: Furmanator shampoo(Helps with shedding) $20.00                        

Nail Trim
$15.00 Dremel
$15.00 Walk-ins
$10.00 Regular Daycare Dogs